Technical for Concrete Ltd.


Your Trusted Concrete Consultancy Partner

We are a premier UK based Concrete Consultancy firm that has been at the forefront of the industry since our establishment in 2010, utilising over 58 years of experience in the industry.

With over a decade of specialist expertise, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that align with both the British Standards Institution (BSI) guidelines and QSRMC standards.

Years Practical Concrete Experience

Using our 58 years of practical experience in the concrete industry, our vision at Technical for Concrete has been to redefine industry standards and aid concrete production companies with the tools and expertise to produce the best and most compliant concrete available.

We take pride in being a trusted partner for businesses aiming for the highest quality in concrete production while maintaining strict compliance with regulatory bodies. Our seasoned professionals, blending technical proficiency with a commitment to innovation, have successfully navigated the complexities of the concrete landscape.

Knowledge Cemented in Concrete

At Technical for Concrete, our tailored consultancy services optimise processes, enhance sustainability.

As pioneers in the field, we continue to set benchmarks, leveraging our wealth of experience to guide clients towards operational efficiency and success. Our dedication to excellence, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, has earned us a reputation for delivering tangible results in line with governing standards.

Partner with Technical for Concrete to experience the difference that 58 years of expertise can make. From bespoke solutions to cutting-edge technologies, we are here to elevate your concrete production to new heights.