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Concrete Consultancy

Our consultancy services are tailored to elevate your concrete production processes, ensuring efficiency, sustainability, and adherence to industry standards.

From optimising mix designs to implementing cutting-edge technologies, we guide you towards enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness. Our experienced consultants bring a wealth of knowledge to streamline your operations, minimising waste and maximising quality.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your concrete production, achieving superior results that propel your business forward in the competitive landscape. Elevate your standards with our consultancy, where concrete meets consultancy, and excellence is our foundation.

DQMS Services

Digital Quality Management System

Introducing our Digital Quality Management System (DQMS) service, designed to revolutionise the concrete industry.

Our innovative solution ensures that clients maintain strict compliance in concrete production, offering seamless transition into the digital era.

By leveraging our DQMS, clients can bid farewell to cumbersome paperwork and minimise the risk of human errors in their operations adding benefits in data efficiency and governance, and improving your company’s ESG principles.

Compatible with both BSI and QSRMC guidelines, our advanced system provides a comprehensive framework for quality management, and analysis tools to enhance efficiency. 

Concrete Quality

Technical for Concrete is the official UK and IE partner for Concrete Quality, a full-fledged, comprehensive QA/QC system that fits everybody’s need in the concrete industry.

Desktop version: Our original software running for over 10 years. It’s ideal for small operations, easy to install and to get started, greatly improving on, and replacing paper forms and Excel sheets.

Web version: Our new version with the latest technology, utilising live data monitoring to connect to batching systems, ERP, GPS, etc. A must-have for proactive digitalisation of operations, focusing on technical management and operations improvement.

Aggregate Quality

A dedicated version of the Concrete Quality family for quarries and aggregates operations, with built-in BS requirements.

Concrete Watcher

The newest addition to the Concrete Quality family.

Eliminate the guesswork with a live monitoring system that controls concrete inside the mixer trucks, based on video recording analysed by A.I. in real time completely removes the blind spot of the transport.

Concrete Watcher detects water additions, drum rotation speed and direction, slump, and washout water or concrete returns in the drum.


50+ Years of Practical Concrete Experience

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Our range of services from consultancy to Quality Management Systems, are sure to push your concrete production processes into the digital era, improving both efficiency, data governance and ESG principles.

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